Montana Women's Professional Rodeo Association


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MPRCF January 13-15, 2022, Montana ExpoPark, Great Falls, Montana
Circuit Finals Barrel Racing Results

Maggie Poloncic No. 1 Tammy Carpenter No. 2 Erin Williams No. 3
Maggie Poloncic
Tammy Jo Carpenter
Erin Williams
Terri Kaye Kirkland No. 4 Brittney Barnett No. 5 Lindsay Kruse No. 6
Terri Kaye Kirkland
Brittney Barnett
Lindsay Kruse
Tia Murphy No. 7 Abigail Knight No. 8 Callahan Tryan No. 9
Tia Murphy
Abby Knight
Callahan Tryan
Taylour Russell No. 10 Ashley Day No. 11 Tayla Moeykens No. 12
Taylour Russell
Ashley Day
Tayla Moeykens

Circuit Finals Sponsors & Award Winners
Thank you Burning Ember Photography, Jackie Jensen, Dave Hollenback, Kent Soule,
Dory Waid, Hailey Rae, Kenneth Springer, and Rodeo Ready for the great action shots!